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The Federation of Students Islamic Societies is deeply concerned that Pro-Palestinian students are being viewed as potential suspects at educational institutes.

 A student by the name of Rahman Mohammadi was recently questioned by anti-terror police for wearing a ‘Free Palestine’ badge to school. Alongside this incident it has been brought to our attention that prevent training documents are being made available to schools, that list students who show an interest in Palestinian issues as being vulnerable to be drawn into terrorism.

 FOSIS does not agree with the assertion that a student who exercises his or her right to campaign for Palestine as someone who is a cause for concern, or worse a person who may potentially be drawn into terrorism.  Those students who wish to campaign on Palestinian issues have every right to do so, and should not be discouraged or reprimanded from doing so in any shape or form.  

 Yusuf Hassan, Vice President for Student Affairs commented that, ‘Instead of allowing our young people to critique and explore their opinions on such issues, the government is policing thoughts’. With regards to the governments counter terror policy he further commented that, ‘this situation presents the reality of the prevent agenda, with its purpose being to silence all forms of dissent’.

 FOSIS stands by Rahman Mohammadi’s right to continue to wear his ‘Free Palestine’ badge at school and encourages all students to show solidarity with him by doing the same. We believe that students should be encouraged to exercise their freedom of speech in a safe environment, and have a political voice on matters which concern them.



1. FOSIS (est. 1963) is the umbrella organisation of student groups in colleges and universities throughout the UK and Ireland, representing the interests of over 115,000 Muslim students.

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