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FOSIS Wishes Everyone a Blessed Ramadan

As we enter the month of Ramadan the Federation of Student Islamic Societies would like to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan.
The month of Ramadan is a special time in the calendar for Muslim students as they look to improve themselves spiritually and become better versions of themselves through fasting. Islamic Societies will also be busy in some areas arranging daily Iftar meals (meal after sunset to end the fast) on campuses for students and the wider community alike. In addition, the global Muslim community will once more be united in giving generously for charitable causes in order to assist those who are less fortunate and in need across the globe.
President of FOSIS Humayun Saleem said: “We find ourselves once more at the door of Ramadan, having been granted permission to enter the blessed month once more. We must be grateful for this blessing and utilise it to become closer with Allah, his Quran and ultimately seek to fulfill the purpose of fasting which is to become God conscious and righteous believers.” 
He further added: “Ramadan presents us with the opportunity to do much good. I encourage all students and Islamic societies to collectively work towards making the most of this Ramadan. As for those students with remaining exams, I pray that Allah gives you success in your exams and a special reward for the extra patience of fasting during exams.”
This year FOSIS will be launching its #MyRamadan campaign to showcase what Muslim students get up to in Ramadan. Be it supporting others with your efforts, providing daily iftaars, or organising tarawih prayers, we want you to share with us your Ramadan moments. To get involved visit the FOSIS Facebook page and tweet us at @fosischannel.
1. FOSIS (est. 1963) is the umbrella organisation of student groups in colleges and universities throughout the UK and Ireland, representing the interests of over 115,000 Muslim students.

2. For more information please email or alternatively visit our website