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The Federation of Student Islamic Societies welcomes the Parliament’s inquiry report into the employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK.

 The report, in which FOSIS also submitted evidence, found that Muslim women are the most disadvantaged group in British society. The report makes recommendations to tackle the significant gap of disadvantage and highlights the urgent need to challenge the lack of equality in opportunities for ethnic minorities. 

 Upon the release of the inquiry, FOSIS President Zara Mohammed said, “The Parliamentary inquiry brings to light what many Muslim students have been voicing for many years. There is a growing concern over the increased number of cases whereby Muslim women, in particular, are facing “acceptable” discrimination. It is essential more than ever that Muslim women are recognised for their positive contributions to society. We are now at a time where there is a larger number of Muslim women in higher & further education than ever before – and that says something phenomenal considering the endless barriers that are placed upon them.”

 From the very outset, FOSIS had citied that whilst it welcomes the Government’s plans for compelling higher education institutions to collect data under the planned transparency duty, universities must be required to break down its data beyond the broad heading of ‘BME’, and consider using a narrower heritage category. 

Furthermore, there has been an increasing demand and need for universities to introduce a dedicated careers advice service for BME students, in recognition of the employment gaps that they are affected by following graduation. This should include role models and mentors as a means of support after graduation.




1. FOSIS (est. 1963) is the umbrella organisation of student groups in colleges and universities throughout the UK and Ireland, representing the interests of over 130,000 Muslim students.

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